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Author’s Note

It was titled, an ‘Author’s note’ about self, and it reads:

The relentless blame a daughter carries is the closeness she has with her father, while her mother’s heart sears because of the supposed open wounds she still has from a bitter divorce that led to misunderstandings . He is aware there is no favorite ‘parent’ although she believes otherwise. The daughter will forever pay a hefty price because she is caught in the middle.

This is my story and I am finally shutting the door of fear to put a voice to why I consistently experience bouts of sadness. Truth is – what you see at the surface is not my reality. The ‘real’ me is a gullible, naive and inexperienced adult who still cries for her mother’s attention. So although I pretend to be strong in front of the people who know of me, those who know me on an intimate level remain hopeful that I will find my happy place (one day, somehow someway).


4 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. Daddy says:

    Baby I think I love what I am reading here and this approach to not writing the book, but writing the book , but I need some understanding from you on this approach first


  2. Lisa Morgan says:

    Thumbs up for blogging about Parental Alienation! I have witnessed it with children during many divorce custody cases. In my opinion the child only wanted validation, attunment
    (emotional needs), and love from the parents😊

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    • missunderstoodparentalalienationnuggets says:

      Yep, that is what is all boils down to, the wants and desires of the child. Not the parent. Not the parent. Not the parent for the child. It is hard for parents to understand this, but when they do, there is potential breakthrough because it no longer becomes the ‘me’ or the ‘I’ but the ‘we, him, her, my child.’


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