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Once is enough?

Written as a Facebook Note, April 17, 2012.

To fix is equivalent to apologizing. To build is equivalent to improving. To maintain is equivalent to nurturing. Quality and valued relationships are absent when you continue to apologize, fail to improve, and forget to nurture!

Emotional stability in self



2 thoughts on “Once is enough?

  1. dbt1968 says:

    I love your little nuggets of thoughts here and there. I love your reflections of past even though I know most must be painful to put pen to paper to write (if anyone even does that anymore) in a world of many resources this just doesn’t seem to be the quickest or easiest to do. Be it by the WWW (world wide web) or typed and sent on… I love your emotional side and seeing it finally come out. I feel I am one who use to know you pretty good on a casual level and I would describe you as you stated above but reserved in your language and the way you are with people whom you just met. I am glad to see this side of Felita, the author, the real human side, the emotional one.
    You have come a long way and carried more on your shoulders than I knew. Had I known then your burdens we would have worked toward making you whole. I am sorry you went through things you have and I am sure as you get more into your blog more will come out. Keep going. When the journey seems pointless and when the days seem long, keep going. Eventually you will get to the top and the view up there will be amazing!
    Love to you and yours……

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    • MissUnderstood PA Nuggets says:

      I am honored to call you a friend, former co-worker, encourager (if there is such a word) and a constructive-follower of my Blog. May God continue to bless you and yours at each and every personal and business intersection. In summary: all things that are within us will eventually show light in due time. This is my due time! Cheers – and thanks a lot.


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