The Power of 1 + 1: males & females

If you live in the ATL Georgia area and are willing to learn about the negative effects of Parental Alienation (PA) or if you know of anyone who has directly experienced PA practices, please join me face-to-face at a ‘MeetUp’ where discussions about PA practices are shared in a setting to bring about positive change. The group desperately seeks the voice of men and fathers, who are regularly labeled ‘deadbeats’ or ‘unfit,’ when in fact they are instrumental in the lives of their kids, yet inadvertently introduced to physical barriers that blinds their kids from seeing positive images.

Hence, the ‘Power of 1+1’ is not a foreign practice because it simply means that one person joined with another can be the beginning of making a difference. So come join me, realizing that building a quality group requires a willingness to discuss issues that may be systemic, i.e. what happened to your parents is in direct relation to what you are now experiencing. Let’s begin to say ‘no more’ with open dialog – join me.

Correcting the wrongs of PA in Georgia

Atlanta, GA
33 Members

This group is for adults who are having issues with Parental Alienation as “Targeted Parents” or those who are being subjected to Parental Alienation due to a relationship wit…

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  1. Hello Jenni – first, thanks for visiting and responding. Alienated moms in GA are certainly recognized. I am the former organizer of a MeetUp Group, called “Correcting the Wrongs of PA in Ga” that you can also research and join if you so desire. May I ask about your story, as you did not elaborate?


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