Our Precious Butterfly. 12 Years.

It is a few hours away from December 20, 2018 – a day I will never forget! It would be a few months before she’d arrive when we both stood in our living room, overlooking the pond yet wondering ‘What would be the gender?’ What would become of us as first-time parents to whom God would trust a life to properly nurture?’ ‘Were we prepared enough to ensure she’d become better than ourselves?’ These were among the many questions pondered, while contemplating if we, ourselves, would sustain our marriage and family. We had waited so long, so patiently, and I at age 35 and he 41, our prayers were finally answered. Yet, unbeknownst to us, our commitment to parent on one accord would always be tested in what has now become a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Her Papa finally agreed to the name Torrie because it was so suitable and simple, and it complemented her default-first name ‘Lou’ (the name given to daughters whose fathers belong to the ethnic group Guru in Ivory Coast, West Africa that means Daughter of her Father). Conversely, Lou Torrie Semi’s birth would give me many chances to correct a lot of wrongdoings.  I never knew love like this before. Frankly, I never believed someone would be so forgiving. Parenting at the current age of 47 is made easy and simple because of Lou and I am sure her ‘Village’ would echo.

Being vulnerable in her company has never felt so good insomuch she understands my flaws and simply expects me to be me, no more & no less. She challenges me to push harder, be better and never give up. It is her determination, stamina and self-accountability that elevates me to another level of quality parenting. Further, she is always receptive to what she’ll call ‘constructive criticism’ at doubtful times when she needs reminders about her reasons for being. Of course I can go on and on about Lou, yet I will leave you with this. Her shoulder is a placeholder for my tears of joy when she gently wipes them away.

My description of our daughter’s character isn’t adequately described in words. You have to really know her to know her, which rarely happens on the first introduction.  Butterfly is slow to anger, yet quick to protect. Further, she is learning to trust her whole heart in the company of others, but not without complete observation. She rarely needs reminding about the importance of an education, inclusive of the lessons learned outside of the classroom. Her recent achievement has been accepting her authentic self in the company of peers, who differ from her at her new school where cultural shock met her face on. And she has now fully grasped the concept of ‘being the salt‘ – to remain calm in the storm and quiet amidst noise. I am a better me because of her and I thank God daily for choosing us to be her parents. To my Village: where would I be without your unwavering support? Only God knows, only God knows …

Happy birthday Sweetheart ❤️ 🦋

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

– Charles R. Swindoll