Too hopeful, not so

Recently asked by my counselor, and I paraphrase, “Each time you leave you expect a different outcome,” when I explained about how each visit home rarely ends the way I expect – on a positive note. “Felita, I’ve never seen anyone so hopeful” about potentially Correcting the Wrongs of such a difficult relationship she explained when I began to question my sanity.

Be it what it may, I will forever vow to do my part, show my face, lend my hand, reach out with full effort and defend my belief, which is – continue to make small, forward steps so that when you reflect on your habits in the past tense you can exist in your present state saying that you’ve tried to do your best with what you have and with what is before you.

Create your own Sunshine🌞

This weekend was a good one and today was a great day! My time was spent with whom, where and how I wanted, and I feel good about listening to my own intuition instead. Although the clouds hovered, I managed to create my own Sunshine.