It took a ‘front seat’ without our permission

For more than a decade and counting my confidant, my Dad, my friend who I once spoke to every day and my star was diagnosed with a neurological disease that has changed the course of our relationship. It was not until 2.5 years ago that I became a closet daughter to his illness. In other words, I could not bring myself to accept, recognize, talk about or even respond to questions about his wellbeing or whereabouts because angst would visit me first before I could utter a word.

It has been agonizing since then to put words to paper, voice to his wellbeing or even foresight to his condition and how our family has been impacted by what has and is occurring.

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So today I am deciding to be brave about how a neurological-health diagnosis is taking front seat, bringing with it so many formations that are both unrecognizable and heartbreaking to witness.

This is my story and I am the daughter, who is giving voice to an emotional wound that has numbed me for too long. Yet, I am making a conscious decision to feel and to give voice to what I know will be a challenging road ahead for me and our family.

Stay tuned.

Please pray.

Take care of your loved ones.

And make sure your friends, family and loved ones know how much and how often they are valued.