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The content of this blog contains sensitive stories about how dysfunction in homes and relationships – specifically between parent & child– can alter behaviors and thereby negatively affect human development and maternal discourse. You will read about short stories, social relationships and how differing communication styles can lead to grave misunderstandings. I will employ personal accounts that relate to my younger years and how growing up in a single-home, from 5th grade, influenced my thinking about others.

Because my story is vaguely familiar to a few, real names of subjects will be masked and replaced with titles as to protect identities. So be advised that each post is genuine so that I can reach you through my experience in hopes of making a personal connection. I enjoy regular feedback; therefore, if you are moved by something that touches you or relates to someone you know, please leave a comment and I will respond accordingly.

Visiting this blog is considered your space too — to return, to share, to read, to comment, to collaborate or to simply learn from the journey through the lens of ‘parental alienation (PA).’ What is PA? In layman’s language, PA is a practice that occurs and recurs between two people who share kids, where one parent (the guardian) uses the child to entice anger towards the distant parent. An example can be illustrated in a divorce hearing where the mother, who has custody, will speak harshly about the former spouse or partner to their child insomuch that all things positive the child knows or knew about their father is distorted and negative.

Disclaimer: All content belongs to me, as do all accountability. I blame no one! As a reader, take what you may from this blog, but exercise caution as you read about my personal life in its most intimate of details. Please also consider joining my Blog Community as a follower so that updates are sent directly to your email when a new post is shared. Allowing me to be vulnerable in your company is greatly appreciated, and further thanks for reserving judgment.

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