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Don’t silence your voice. Ever. Control the volume.

Allowing ourselves to become vulnerable is a challenging pursuit, yet arriving is liberating. To start this blog and tell my story, which is full of faults, self judgement, difficulty and self-disclosure takes a lot of courage. But the interesting thing about my ability to do this is my awareness of how shared knowledge, passed on from and to others, may be the indirect courage another may need to release themselves from suppression.


Remain mindful of your personal story and dare to release anything that is causing a disturbance for you to have a balanced and fulfilled life because the common factor that connects me with you is the one word called life, which is without a map or compass – only historical data to guide us forward, often by learning about the mistakes as we journey along. Thus, I am no different. I choose to write for a public audience in unfiltered territory at the risk of individual prejudices.

Everything we do comes with choices. I chose to share, exchange, encourage, inspire and entice. As with many, I thought I was a somewhat private story until I realize that every experience I have had in my life is in the public domain somewhere for later retrieval. And it is until I digested this reality I began to relax in my trusted environment called writing, which I am committing to do more of each day.

To some, I am perceived as a cordial and cool person. To others, I have been told I am reserved. To persons unknown to me, I hear that I can be unapproachable. Yet, on this Blog, you are offered authenticity! I am me. In the raw. In my comfort zone. In my thoughts. Therefore, to understand me in a face-to-face environment is to know me in different situations at different times because I am not quick to undress my thoughts unless I know they are in good company.

Don't silence your voice. Ever.So, I too, have had to confront fear and judgement and I’d rather be criticized, if at all, for my truths instead of my untruths. So, thank you for helping me to become a better me with the follow and share of my Blog! Remember, whatever you decide don’t silence your voice because it is your sound piece – just be sure to control the volume!