Unhappy in my messy closet

Today the minister read a statement from a person who accurately described the church and those who regularly attend. The letter was explained this way, and I paraphrase –

Every person sitting in a pew outwardly projects a poised, stable, un-messy and carefully structured life insomuch that to reveal their true identity would lift a veil that would have all standing to their feet because the inward selves would show stark resemblances to their neighbor. Hence, the choice to supposedly belong and remain covert is perceived as ‘having it together’ because it looks good and is expected by society , yet the soul of the churchgoers will slowly grow poisoned and contaminated because no one dares to handle their mess – thus, the congregation (society) suffers collectively.

Address the Mess

The message: no one person is living or has lived an un-messy life. Therefore, you have two choices: (1) Acknowledge the mess or (2) Ignore the mess. Whatever your decision, you cannot escape it! As for me, I am handling my mess the best I know how and will blog again when I am moved to share positive information that is worthy of passing forward.